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For businesses seeking exit opportunities, we can help:

  • Investigate the viability of an exit strategy
  • Maximize value and execute deals
  • Navigate the minefields that endanger or complicate potential exits
  • Work out mergers, acquisitions, or IPO strategies
  • Solve management succession and organizational changes
  • Provide top-tier advisors at reasonable rates.

For established businesses, we can help:

  • Pursue market growth opportunities
  • Achieve clear direction, focus and alignment on key objectives
  • Find solutions to underperforming operations, shrinking market share, and low profits
  • Consider acquisitions, joint ventures, or divestitures
  • Strengthen finance function and financial controls
  • Secure interim and proven resources
  • Implement a value creation framework.

For troubled businesses, we can help:

  • Address cash flow and viability concerns
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Implement reorganizations, recapitalizations, and workforce rationalization
  • Provide a viable turnaround
  • Avoid or prepare for bankruptcy protection
  • Develop and implement reorganization plans to exit bankruptcy.

For start-ups and new ventures, we can help:

  • Create business plans and funding strategies
  • Design incentive compensation structures
  • Raise capital
  • Generate revenue
  • Fill-out management teams
  • Establish required finance function and financial controls.

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